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Per-Erik Persson

- international news reporter at Reportech news agency

Per-Erik Persson is an international news reporter and environmentalist originally from Sweden, now based in Spain. He has a broad and long experience from international reporting and "green" commitments. Left: In front of the South Rhodesian (today Zimbabwe) border during the late 70's reporting from the South Rhodesian civil war and the black majority's freedom struggle. Right: Decades later in front of the North Korean border reporting from the closed country.


Per-Erik Persson - Curriculum vitae/Resume:


Arvika Nyheter (newspaper in the city of Arvika, Sweden). Reporter. 

Nya Wermlands-Tidningen (newspaper in the region of Varmland, Sweden). Reporter.

Aftonbladet (the largest newspaper in Scandinavia). Reporter.

Lanstidningen (local newspaper in the city of Sodertalje, Sweden). Reporter with the focus on medicine and trade and industry. 

Ridsport (the leading equestrian magazine in Scandinavia). Reporter (freelance).

Industritjanstemannen (membership magazine for Sweden's leading White-Collar Union). Reporter.

Radio Stockholm (the local radio station for the city of Stockholm, Sweden). Reporter, producer.

Impuls. Editor-in-chief at the culture and news magazine Impuls, owned by Studieforbundet Vuxenskolan, Sweden's second largest study organization for adults, with the Liberal party and the Center party as founders and member organizations. The magazine become a very important voice in the Swedish public debate on problem of modern society. 

Helgens Press (national Swedish newspaper, published at long weekends). Editor-in-chief and owner.

Trosa Allehanda (local newspaper for the city of Trosa, Sweden). Editor-in-chief and owner.

Forenings-Journalen (local magazine for organizational activities in the city of Sodertalje, Sweden). Editor-in-chief and owner.

Datormagazin (national Swedish computer magazine). Administrative editor and owner.

Husmodern (national Swedish family journal). Reporter (freelance).

Aret Runt (national Swedish family journal). Reporter (freelance).

SodertaljeNu (business magazine marketing the businesses in the county of Sodertalje, Sweden distributed as an insert in Dagens Industri, the leading business newspaper in Scandinavia). Editor-in-chief, project coordinator. 

Rubrik Teknik (national Swedish professional magazine on technology). Reporter.

Rubrik Marknadsforing (national Swedish professional magazine on marketing). Responsible for the layout.

Underhall & Driftsakerhet (the leading magazine in Scandinavia on industrial maintenance and production safety). Editor-in-chief (on consultant basis), project coordinator.

Taljeforetagare (local business magazine for the county of Sodertalje, Sweden). Editor-in-chief, project coordinator.

Primo (professional Swedish magazine on transportation ). Editor-in-chief, project coordinator.

TTC-Journalen (professional magazine about CAD/CAM and production quality). Editor-in-chief, project coordinator.

GreenTechJournal (international magazine on environmental technology/"cleantech"). Editor-in-chief, project coordinator.

Uppfinnaren & Konstruktoren (the leading magazine in Scandinavia on inventions). Reporter (freelance).

In addition, project coordinator and journalistic leader for a number of media productions.  

Special projects:

Responsible for a membership magazine for the Swedish House Owners Association.

Author of and project coordinator for a special magazine, used as education material, about the third world, with focus on Zambia.

Responsible for contents and production of the information and debate book “New voices in the radio ether”), published by the Swedish government. 

Responsible for the Swedish equestrian radio station.

Initiator to and project coordinator of a exchange program between students (the building faculty) from the Region of Stockholm, Sweden and the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

Marketing/business activities - public opinion activities:

Responsible for the public opinion activities at Studieforbundet Vuxenskolan (Sweden's second largest study organization for adults), including, among others, organization of press conferences with ministers from the government, guests from abroad, contacts at government level in order to coordinate information activities, production of press releases, etc.

Chairman for an action group working against a new large airport in the Stockholm region. The success was total, after a couple of months the airport plans were turned down. The campaign resulted in big attention around the whole country of Sweden with TV, radio and newspaper reports day by day.   

Responsible for information and PR when the National Swedish Innovation Board (formed by the Swedish government) was set up and going.

Deeply involved in the set up of an action group that forced a referendum about split up of the Swedish county of Sodertalje into two counties – Sodertalje and Nykvarn. 69 per cent of the people voted and 77 per cent of the voters voted for the split up. 

In addition, project coordinator and realizer of a number of public opinion projects.    


Founder and owner of the information/PR company Pressmakarna which was the business operating company behind all media productions. Pressmakarna operated with a combination of journalism, advertising agency operations and graphical operations with between 3 and 8 employees. 

The Environmental Technology Program:

Initiator of, realizer of and project coordinator of “The Environmental Technology Program” with the aim to create export opportunities for small Swedish companies working in the environmental technology field. The program was financed by the Swedish government and the National Swedish Agency for Economic Development. The project published the international environmental technology magazine GreenTechJournal. Through the magazine Swedish environmental technology companies were connected with 316 business actors in the United States.  


Founder of the network and business organization GreenTechSweden, which took over the operations from the Environmental Technology Program and privatized the operations. GreenTechSweden focused on the U.S. market.


Co founder and co owner of the environmental company GrafiGone, Inc, San Diego, California. The company manufactures and markets anti graffiti products. 


Initiator and realizer of the GreenBizz-E project, commissioned by the Swedish city of Atvidaberg, with the aim to identify environmental technology products and solutions (from the companies in the city) with export potential.


Initiator of the Swedish EcoDrain project; biological cleaning of storm water through street drains. Responsible for the business development.


Producer of Rotary Swedens magazine "PolioPlus"; newspapers informing on polio and with the mission to collect as much money as possible in Rotary International's struggle against polio through mass vaccination of children (for as little as Euro 55 cents, a child can be vaccinated against polio for life). Large sums were collected through the PolioPlus magazines.

The party of  Nykvarn:

Co founder of  “Nykvarnspartiet” ("the Party of Nykvarn"), a local political party in the Swedish county of Nykvarn. The party is the county´s leading party.


Initiator of the Texas-Skane program; a joint venture between the state of Texas/SACC-Texas and the Swedish Region of Skane/the Chamber of Commerce of Southern Sweden. The aim: to strengthen the cultural and commercial links between Texas and Skane. The Swedish agriculture commissioner Margareta Winberg, Texas´ agriculture commissioner Susan Combs, the governor of Skane Bengt Holgersson and the member of the EU parliament Karl-Erik Olsson participated and supported initially the project.


Owner of the United State based company Environmental Research & Information Institute, Inc (“ERII”). Business concept: to establish small Swedish companies, with unique products/technologies, mostly "green" ones, at on the U.S. market.

Swedish Inventor´s Association:

Marketing Director and invention broker at the Swedish Inventor´s Association, organizing 2,800 Swedish inventors. Introduced a number of new marketing tools and recruited 700 new (paying) corporate members.

South Central:

Swedish initiator and organizer of the Swedish inventor trade missions to the South Central region of the U.S. The aim: to introduce Swedish inventions (products and technologies, mainly "green" ones) to U.S. partners and market developers through matchmaking meetings. Swedish liaison for the Scandinavian American Economic Development Alliance (formerly the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce South Central), covering the states of Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. 

Fayetteville, Arkansas:

Consultant at Fayetteville Economic Development Council; Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce; City of Fayetteville; and University of Arkansas. The aim: to transfer Swedish "cleantech" products, technologies and systems to Fayetteville and its "Green Valley" and help to create a center for sustainable technology. 

Thorsby/CAWACO, Alabama:

Consultant for the city of Thorsby, Alabama, and the CAWACO Resource, Conservation and Development Council in Alabama. The aim: to strengthen the ties between Thorsby/CAWACO and Scandinavia and get cleantech Scandinavian companies to establish business in the region. Served during a number of years as Thorsby's "Ambassador".

South Korea:

Involved in different projects in South Korea as an match maker with the objective to connect Scandinavian cleantech with the Korean market.

CLEANTECH BusinessJournal:

Initiator of and publisher of the online newsletter CLEANTECH BusinessJournal and the CLEANTECH BusinessJournal network and data base, consisting of several thousand cleantech companies and other ”green” players in more than 140 countries.


Export Manager and business developer at the Danish cleantech company Microz Denmark. Microz is a technology where moisture (in any material) dries extremely quickly, efficiently and inexpensively using microwaves. 


Owner of the Spanish based news agency Reportech.